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Party with Paella!

Paella as we know it originated Valencia Spain as a laborer's meal that was prepared in the fields over an open fire. It gained popularity in the mid 19th century and as different regions prepared it, they made their own versions with local foods. Its popularity has spread throughout many continents and now, we are offering Paella Catering in Fredericksburg, Texas.

A Truly Communal Meal

We invite you and your guests to join us in a culinary celebration of a delicious Spanish food tradition. Large pans called paelleras are heated and the meats, vegetables, saffron and rice are added. Your guests are invited to help us cook or simply watch as a delicious meal comes to life. While the meal is prepared, sample traditional Tapas style foods from a Texas sized grazing board. Thrill your palates by selecting your favorite Paella version: Meat, Seafood, Mixed Paella or our own Hill Country Game and Sausage Paella. Chef Pedro Busigo comes to us from San Juan, Puerto Rico to provide us with a truly authentic version of a classic and revered Spanish tradition.

Large Groups

Because Paella is a fantastic option for large groups we have developed a menu for party sizes ranging from 25 to 500 people. It's time honored, it's delicious and it's different. Contact us today and we will customize your menu and provide a truly different communal dining experience for your reunion, wedding or corporate reception. Paella catering has come to Fredericksburg, Texas!

Paella Offerings

  • Paella Mixta Our most popular paella featuring a delicious combination of chicken, chorizo, shrimp and mussles, cooked in a rich saffron infused. We Texas it up a bit with some local heat.
  • Seafood Paella A seafood lover’s dream, chock full of meaty seafood, calamari, shrimp, clams and mussels
  • The Texas Paella A unique twist for everyone who loves our Texas cuisine and spices: quail, Texas sausages and Gulf Shrimp, created with poblano peppers and garnished with bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos
  • The Land Lover A traditional paella preparation with double portions of chicken, pork and chorizo


We also offer Tapas style appetizers and Spanish themed Grazing Tables to compliment your event with Spanish flare! Offer these to serve while your guests are watching and smelling the paella being prepared.

Brazilian Barbecues

By combining the Brazilian Inspired Barbecue techniques and our Texas love of slow roasting over the fire and smoke, we offer Brazilian inspired barbecue. We prepare several cuts of beef, pork, sausage, chicken, lamb and seafood on giant swords and carve them from the sword to their plates. This experience is a show stopper for any wedding, rehearsal dinner or corporate gathering.

Pig Roasts

Our inspiration comes from Cuba: we inject each suckling pig with a mojito sauce and cook it in a Caja China pig roaster. It falls off the bone, cooked to juicy perfection and served with chicken and wonderful Caribbean inspired side dishes.

Other Live Catering

Smoked Brisket and Barbecues, Lobster Bakes, Crepe Making Parties, Crawfish Boils, Paella Classes and Wine Pairings.